Frizzy and unruly hair is something that nobody likes to contend with! Thankfully we have found the solution!

Enter MUK Keratin Smoothing treatment forte! This treatment smooths the hair from the inside out providing maximum curl and volume reduction without permanently changing the structure of the hair.

So what exactly is Keratin? Keratin is a protein that is found in the skin, hair and nails. It is a protective protein that is less prone to scratching and tearing than other types of protein and is one of the building blocks of our hair. Keratin treatments work by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. MUK Keratin smoothing treatment contains the latest in micro keratin technology meaning that is has the ability to repair hair health and restore shine and manageability.

Some Keratin treatments contain very harsh chemicals including formaldehyde. The MUK Keratin smoothing treatment is a 100% formaldehyde free formula and can be used on any hair texture.

The major benefits of this treatment include:-

  • Maximum Frizz control
  • Protection from the humidity
  • Maximum curl reduction and smoothing
  • Faster blowdrying and finishing

A Keratin treatment takes approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours and will leave you with shiny, healthy beautiful hair! We are in love!

Our introductory special offer!!

Just $249 including a beautiful Muk spa range argan oil shampoo and conditioner to maintain your luscious locks!

We are sure you will love it too!

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Have you fallen victim to buying a new hair product only to try it once or twice and find that it is not for you? Too heavy or has no effect perhaps? Fear not, for we at Davissa understand your pain and have a made a list of tips and tricks to help find your happy hair product medium.

Shampoo saver

Do you only wash your hair once and condition it roots and ends? Well if you answered yes I’m sorry but you are doing it all wrong, especially if you go a few days without washing. The trick to getting the most out of your shampoo is to wash twice, working small amount into very wet hair. The first wash may not lather up and you may want to reach for the bottle and soak all that cleanliness in. But, like most things in life less is more my friends. The second wash is when you will get that squeaky, foamy feeling as the first wash only loosens the dirt whilst the second really cleanses the grime. Which brings us to the next point- you wouldn’t want to ruin all that hard work you just put into your locks would you? Hence the idea that conditioning from the roots will only make your hair feel oily again. The trick here is to only apply conditioner from mid lengths to ends. Another tip, squeeze excess moisture out before you apply conditioner which will in turn save your precious product from escaping down the drain. 

Be stingy

Bringing back the idea that less is more, there is nothing worse then washing your hair and going to the effort of styling only to realise “whoops maybe that was to much product”. Our top tip here, use less product first then add more if you feel the need. Most of the time we are a little heavy handed and use much more then then we actually need. The idea of product is to enhance what we already have and as an added benefit you will get longer out of the product the less you use it. On another note, the directions on the back are only a guide as everyones hair is different. Someone with finer hair would use a different amount to someone with thicker hair. It’s all about trial and error. Don’t give up and push it to the back of the shelf on the first go!

Know your hair type & do your research 

Certain products work better for certain hair types. The tip here is to make sure you know your hair type and what a product can do for you. By the term hair type we mean if you hair is fine or thick or somewhere in between. Is it oily, is it dry or is it just lacklustre? You need to know what you want from your hair like in any healthy relationship and not go into it blind sided and unsure. You must also know what you want from the product too, no point in spending your coin on a volumiser if volume is not really what you are looking for. Unsure of how to categorise your hair or products? Use the worldwide web to you advantage! There is so much information out there and your trusty friends Google and YouTube can lead you in the right direction. Try searching the terms “how to know your hair type” and “what products work for me” and you are well on you way to expanding you hair care knowledge and like they say…knowledge is power. 

Use us to your advantage

Didn’t find what you were looking for on the Internet or are not technologically savvy? Don’t forget us girls at Davissa are always here to answer any of your questions. Next time you are in the salon don’t be afraid to ask us your hair care questions, no question is to big or too silly. We are always more then happy to help 🙂 

We all want amazing luxurious, glamorous hair in the colour of our choice without the added bonus of damage and breakage! But the truth is- colouring, blow-drying and straightening- it all has the possibility of causing damage! As hairdressers, we are often very sceptical of products that claim to repair hair and perform magic that should not be possible! Enter Olaplex!  This product is being raved about all over the world so we thought we should give it a go- and the results seriously speak for themselves! This product is amazing!

Olaplex is all about the science! Hair is comprised of disulphide bonds. It is these bonds that give hair its strength and structure and are prone to break when exposed to chemical, thermal and mechanical processes. Olaplex works from the inside out by literally re-linking the bonds of damaged hair back together again.

The creators of Olaplex have conducted extensive testing on the product putting samples of hair through extreme processes that would never normally be attempted in real life situations. The results found that hair that was untreated with Olaplex melted away to nothing! Where as hair that was treated with Olaplex not only survived the treatment- but got stronger!

Olaplex Image 1

What does this mean for salon services? It means that colours that would once have not been possible can now be created. Olaplex treatments result in hair that is softer, shinier and much easier to manage!

Olaplex is a three part process starting with a bond multiplier added to lightener or other hair colours. A bond perfector treatment is then completed at the basin and finally a take home treatment is used to continue the strengthening of the bonds. Olaplex can also be used as a stand alone intensive treatment for damaged hair.

We are all in love with Olaplex! Find out more about it in the salon at your next appointment or give the Davissa crew a call and we will be happy to answer any of the questions you may have.

Stress can be a big factor in everyone’s lives! Whether it is work or family or something completely unrelated! Not only can stress can take a big toll on our bodies- but also our hair!

Did you know that stress can actually accelerate greying? When our bodies are under a lot of stress, the hormones released can damage the melanin which is what gives our hair its colour!

But rather than stressing about being stressed, we have some easy changes you can make to help make it easier to relax!

  • Have you considered meditation? Not only just for yogis’, meditating for a little as 10 minutes a day can help you to unwind and give a better perspective on problems that need to be solved. Taking a short break to calm the mind can have a massive positive impact on health and wellbeing. If you search on youtube for guided meditations, there are so many quick little meditation videos that can help you reach that zen!
  • Soak in a steamy hot bath with a couple of drops of lavender or chamomile- both oils that release calming properties. Perfect way to unwind at the end of the day.
  • Taking time out is often just what the Dr ordered! Whether it’s a quick weekend trip or a relaxing weekend in the comfort of your own home, having time to yourself helps to give a better outlook on things and lets the body relax and recuperate
  • As much as alcohol and caffeine can seem to help you in stressful situations- did you know that they may actually be doing the opposite! Try cutting back on your coffee or glass of wine and see if it can help you to relax a little more. Try switching to sparkly water with citrus fruit or herbal teas.

Relax Pool



Well 2015 has been and it is almost gone! What a crazy, busy year it has been and how quickly it has past! We have had a lot of things happen at Davissa this year and we are so thankful to all of our beautiful clients for coming in and having fun with us! What will 2016 bring? It is sure to be another great year and we cant wait! Whatever you are wishing for in 2016, whatever your New Years Resolutions are or what you want to achieve- we wish you a year of happiness and prosperity and hope all your dreams come true!

The Year that was 2015………

Want to stay away from the major shopping centres and still pick up some great last minute gifts? We have you covered!

The hard to buy for

Our Davissa gift vouchers are the perfect gift for the hard to buy for! Available in any denomination of your choice they are nicely gift packaged and ready to place straight under the tree or into a Santa stocking! Perfect for secret Santa gifts!

Davissa Gift Vouchers

The health conscious

Sharon at Davissa Skin Clinic has a new range of products from ‘The Beauty Chef’ sure to impress those who are conscious of their health and skincare. These powders and elixirs harness the power of organic whole foods to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. The range features ‘Glow Inner Beauty Powder’ which contains 23 skin loving superfoods in one delicious berry powder as well as Cleanse, Hydration and Collagen inner beauty boosts. These bio-fermented probiotic elixirs are taken as a daily shot to enhance gut health and skin radiance. Starting from $39.95 and beautifully packaged, the ‘Beauty Chef Products’ are the perfect gift sure to be a winner this Christmas!


The Man

Stocking stuffers for the men in your life can be a hard task! A gift voucher for a style cut including a wash and relaxing head massage is the perfect gift! Just $25!

Mens style cut

The one that needs to take a break and recharge

There is nothing better than offering the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation to those that need to take some time for themselves this holiday season! A Davissa pamper package is the perfect choice! They will receive

  • A wash with our luxury products
  • A hot towel treatment including a relaxing head massage
  • Style Cut
  • Blow-dry

Super special offer of Just $55

Available to purchase until December 24 2015

Curls 2

The lover of amazing skin care products

Davissa Skin Clinic exclusively uses the beautiful Synergie skin products which combine cutting edge scientific breakthroughs with naturally derived ingredients to protect, change and nurture all skin. This Christmas, Sharon is offering Synergie skin gifts packs at 10% off the RRP. The beautiful Synergie Home Essentials gift pack featured below is just $59 and is sure to impress.


The holiday lover

Got someone that loves the tan that comes along with a summer holiday? A spray tan voucher is the perfect gift. Just $20 for a beautiful black magic spray tan!

Whoever you need to buy for this year, we are sure to have a solution for you at Davissa. Happy shopping!

Davissa logo santa hat

Thanksgiving may not be a big celebration in Australia, but at Davissa we love any chance to celebrate! With all of the tragic events that have occurred in the world of late, this thanksgiving has been the perfect opportunity for us to really appreciate all of the wonderful people we have in our lives and the amazing clients that we get to have fun with every day! They make our work so much more than just a job!

So what are the Davissa crew thankful for? We thought we would give you a little look inside the Davissa team and see just what we are most thankful for this year!

Alicea- The Boss

“I am greatful for all my family, my beautiful friends and my wonderful husband… and of course my beautiful horse!”

Stacey- The Manager


“Watching my little girl grow and spending time together as a family is the greatest gift I could ever be given.”

LAURA- The up-style queen


“Be thankful for all you have and hold your family and friends a little longer everyday as you never know what is around the corner!”

LOZ- The apprentice

loz pic

“I am thankful for my brothers and sister, because there is nothing quite like family!”

 KELLY- The master of the bouncy blow dry 


“I am thankful for both my families and my friends-the memories we have shared and making my life complete”

ELLIE- The colour correction superstar


“I love my family!”

MANDY- The long and blonde hair specialist


“I am so thankful for my niece and nephews! They always make me smile!”

Spring Racing season is here! We have you covered with the Davissa Spring Racing series. A collection of tips and tricks, how to videos and ideas to get you race track ready! This series will also be helpful for all of the end of year balls, formals and parties that are just around the corner! Our first video will kick you off on the right foot with how to curl you hair! Enjoy!