A delicate indulgence for your locks….. from the pantry!

We all want our hair to look beautiful; after all it is THE biggest accessory that we show off daily. To make it look as beautiful as possible, we dry it with heat, we straighten it, we curl it, we style it with bobby pins and cover it in hair sprays and gels- what does our hair do in return for all this special attention we so dutifully show it?

Sometimes it decides that it’s done! The days of looking as beautiful as we would like it too are over and its once shiny, bouncy appeal becomes dry and lack lustre. So what can we do to bring our locks back to life in between salon visits? We can treat it to a delicate indulgence with some good old home treatment remedies!

Coconut oil has been the talk of the town recently, gaining popularity as it becomes known for its super food status. Not only can this delicate oil create some amazing sweet and savoury treats, it is also a powerhouse of nutrients that are amazing for your hair. Often used daily in coastal areas where coconuts grow in abundance, Coconut oil is an excellent treatment that can actually help the re-growth process of damaged hair.

You can purchase coconut oil from a lot of places these days. Grocery stores, health food stores and even some fruit stores and pharmacies often hold stock.


Applying the treatment is super easy!

  1. Take a scoop of the oil and place it in your hands- it will melt from the heat of your skin as you apply it to your locks so there is no need to heat it first. Tip your head upside down and slowly rub it into your hair. You want to focus on areas that are the driest which are generally the ends, so as you move towards the mid lengths and the roots you do not need to use as much.
  2. Place a shower cap over the top or if you don’t have one you can even wrap it with cling wrap. If you like you can also run a hairdryer over the top to allow the oil to penetrate the hair shaft even further. Sit down and relax with a nice glass of wine or cup of tea for thirty minutes to allow the treatment to absorb.
  3. Wash your hair really well twice to ensure all the oil has been thoroughly removed and style as normal

It’s as simple as that! You locks will be shiny, bouncy and lustrous! Couple this treatment with a nourishing salon only treatment with your regular appointment and your hair will be showing its thanks by returning to its beautiful self!