What are you putting on your skin? A blog entry by R.N Sharon Gould from Davissa Skin Clinic

Did you know, that many ingredients used in everyday products and skincare have some very dire side effects?

For example – many of the sunscreens we put on our skin are chemical absorbing – which means that the chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream and have a myriad of possible side effects including hormone disruptors and even may contribute to breast and prostate cancer. Look for physical sunscreen such as zinc oxide.

It’s not about eliminating everything and becoming paranoid, it’s about education – we are bombarded by information these days but which information can we believe? Ask a professional, research – look at the source of the information – does it make sense? Is it backed by science? Do you know where the products are actually formulated? Is it certified cruelty free? What percentage of the stated ingredient are actually in the skincare product?

Get to know what to look out for when reading labels and what questions to ask.

Let me know what you would like to read in future blogs and let’s become educated to make informed choices!

Sharon Gould – Registered Nurse at Davissa Skin Clinic